Sometimes, a quick post is all we need. One to highlight the chaos around us all and how we can manage said chaos using the baby step advice we ask our therapist from time to time.

I chopped the wood from this cabin myself without a TaskRabbit.

For the past six days, I left New York City (gasp). I left it for the mountainous region of Vermont, what I later found out to be a destination for the urban elites of both New York City and it’s cousin, Boston. What I later found out to be a lovely place filled with semi-decently priced ski passes, underpriced ski rentals, and gondolas that were quite spacious .

As a perennial average and 2x every 3 years skier, I marvel at the activity. The way putting on boots takes over an hour and immense pain & suffering for at least…

For someone who has yet to leave New York City during COVID-19, quarantine has had a few ups (family time and career progress), a few downs (RIP nightlife), and more often than not, romantic loneliness (yep, I said it).

It’s tough out there.

in partnership with @halfthestory

As a producer and co-host of NY-based live blind dating show, UpDating, I have spent most of my professional time curing everyone else’s romantic ambitions. By setting up strangers on blind dates in front of live audiences, I vicariously lived through their ups, downs, and excessive vodka tonic drink orders. My own dating life had always taken a back seat. When the pandemic hit and our live show paused, I actually became excited at the opportunity to focus on me.

That lasted for about two days. After all, how many times could I possibly watch Social…

Argentina + Salsa + Frequent Google Maps usage + WhatsApp FaceTime Yoga = my last two weeks of dating.

Insert black jeans and that’s probably me.

Some would call the above combo more similar to a college-age study abroad program and others, well, they would instantly think “this dude needs to just move to Europe or something.”

Whiles most rightfully complain about meeting someone here in New York:

· “The apps? Impossible!”

· LES Bars? Can’t hear myself think!

· Football Saturday’s? No way Jose!

My complaint has been less centered on meeting someone, rather, aiming to avoid getting ghosted in hopes of finding true adventure. See every last post I’ve written outlining just how damn neurotic I’ve been about falling for someone, only to see the rug of potential love taken right beneath my feet by way of Sweden trips or DJ’s.

A tale of live poetry, Elvish language lessons, and too many blindfolds

There she goes again…

I did it. Finally did it. No, I did not make it a week without getting ghosted for date #2, and no, I didn’t break the news to my parents that I completely forgot about Hanukkah. Something more important happened, much more important — perhaps even life-changing.

I, Harrison Tyler Forman, the first of my name, was casted for a show I’m all too familiar with! …

Energy. I’ve been using this word a ton lately when it comes to dating. It’s the abstract fourth category of matching with someone that arguably means more than all of the others combined (if we’re using personality, looks, and timing as the other three).

via (cecile_hoodie)

The tricky piece with energy — is that when it translates to text, it’s very difficult to track or keep that going. That’s also why dating apps and I have never been a great fit, no matter how many “Super-Likes” I threw in (I eventually realized my “NJ -> MI -> SF -> NYC” dating app bio reads more like a college admissions tour than a display of my many worldly travels). You can’t swipe based on energy, and that’s always been the issue for me.

…and of course, getting off dating apps & attempting to only date in the…

Read below the massive vertical photo for my thoughts on how the digital & physical media worlds are colliding and other trends you should know.


Brand & publishers are starting to take the Anthony Bourdain approach with local marketing. Cities are rising in popularity. One of the most common questions we hear when we travel: “How do you like living in <X>?” I’m fairly certain a way to scale your company is by focusing on locale-by-local execution (see The League, Thrillist, Color Factory, etc).


There is too much content out there. Do I have data to back it up? Not really, but I do know we are becoming jaded by the abundance of content or shows launching on digital platforms. …

Introducing UpDating: the live first date experience involving an interactive audience.

Almost here…

****Originally published in so figured I’d share the goods****

Forget everything The Thirty Something Man has taught you about dating. Forget everything he has taught you about Broadway shows. Coincidentally, he’s taught you nothing on both subjects. UpDating is going to change the way people like me go out on first dates.

The creators of Brunch Media bring you their next venture: UpDating. Updating is a first date in front of a live audience. …

There are more distractions to find new friends in NYC then there are in San Francisco.

High school friends, college friends, camp friends, insert other jewish youth group from childhood friends et al. Notwithstanding family, there are quite a few cliques already in existence a northeastern heeb like myself can pick when moving to New York City. Yes, there is shared history with all of these folks — an Israel trip, a ScoreKeeper’s bar and grill run, etc.

This is fine and don’t get me wrong, I love (and need) a support system BUT (and it’s a first world problem…

Breaking down early observations of New York City


I have had “write a blog post” on my to-do list for three months and guess what happened? Well, I never wrote a blog post. You know why? I thought (and my ego accentuated) that my early writing success made it mandatory for every post I write to be this big shabang, an enchilada of a home-run creation. Problem: this never-ending search for perfection, completed tasks, and ruling the blogging game led to absolutely nothing getting done…

Which brings me to the new mindset with writing: write when I have something to say, at that moment I want to say…

Analyzing the foundation of another topsy turvy chapter in a rather extraordinary ordinary neurotic Millennial life

It’s been a minute or two or five months since my last post and of course, naturally, like any rapidly developing, still extremely confused 26-year old, my life has changed dramatically in that span hence the one-way flight to NYC I’m typing this blog post on (in case you missed my 13 different social media posts about it). Not listed on my one-way flight is a “in a (long-distance) relationship” card recently added to my Facebook profile (despite my recent transformation known as a mobile social media ban).

Blue oranges & long-distance dating are similar mysteries of the universe.

If you didn’t put two-and-two together, my wildly unpredictable life found another…

Harrison Forman

Formerly @Facebook, Create @UpDatingShow, Blogger, Alum @umich and #PhillySports. Millennial on Earth (Opinions, my own)

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